He understood, from the start, the emotions and passions of a plaintiff, and helped guide me through what was a difficult process in my life with dignity and respect.

Every now and then, I am lucky enough to meet a mediator with charm, an understanding of life outside of law, and the ability to connect with my client.

Eric was in all respects an outstanding colleague on the case. He was unfailingly diligent, astute and attentive to the many procedural issues raised prior to the hearing, and was both thoughtful and incisive during our deliberations and the award-preparation phase of the case.

All of the lawyers on the case sensed that Eric authentically cared, and that he was deeply committed to a positive and fair outcome for all.

Mr. Wiechmann, reviewed and studied the materials both sides provided to him in advance of our mediation and I was impressed with his knowledge and understanding of the materials and specific issues and nuances for our dispute when we arrived.

In the end, it was Eric’s caring and commitment – as much as his abundant legal knowledge, mediation abilities, and business acumen – that allowed Eric to settle the case.

He earned the respect of the business people on both sides of the table with his understanding of the business issues and the law. Mr Wiechmann was also very thoughtful and hopeful in guiding the parties toward a resolution by asking key questions that probed the essential issues that formed the heart of the dispute to be settled by the parties,

I found Eric to be very sophisticated about the subject matter of the lawsuit, readily extracting the essence of the key facts and legal issues.

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